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1. Introduction {#sec1} =============== When the discovery of *Titanichthys* ([@bib3]; [@bib14]; [@bib40]) resulted in the establishment of the new genus *Titanichthys* and a new order of deep-sea 'bichirs' (a subgroup of Batoidea) ([@bib1], [@bib2], [@bib3], [@bib4]; [@bib10]; [@bib41]; [@bib43]; [@bib50]; [@bib53]; [@bib56], [@bib57], [@bib58], [@bib59], [@bib60], [@bib61]), it was inevitable that several questions concerning the taxonomy and phylogeny of this extraordinary fish would arise. Since the original description of *T. tawainensis* in a rather incidental way ([@bib40]), the phylogenetic status of this unusual fish had been a matter of concern to many researchers. To date, the phylogenetic position of the *T. tawainensis* group within Batoidea has been uncertain and has been argued to be the sister-group of Ichthyodectiformes or even the sister-group of Batoidea, Batoida, and Batrachoidiformes. However, according to [@bib10], its close relationship with Ichthyodectiformes was excluded based on its distinctness from *Ichthyodectes* and other ichthyodectiforms. Moreover, two morphological characters (lateral line scales and external morphology of gills) were used to diagnose this group as a new suborder or even a new order within Batoidea ([@bib59]). Besides the phylogenetic status of this group, little attention has been paid to the taxonomy and systematic of *T. tawainensis* itself. Until now, it has been classified as a single species (cf. [@bib43]) because it was the only species of the group known in Taiwan waters at that time ([@bib59]). Unfortunately, *T. tawainensis* is still an inaccessible fish due to its small size, and it was formerly known only from one specimen. In an attempt to recognize this species and other similar species of



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Kong Skull Island English 2 In Hindi Dubbed Movie Download

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